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Merstham Osteopathic Clinic

(Damien Harcourt and associates)

215 Radstock way Merstham Surrey RH1 3NT

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If you’d like to book an appointment or discuss how Osteopathy can help you then please give us a call or text on 07793084394 or email our help desk.

Are you in pain?

This is often to do with the way your body is working.

It maybe a problem with your posture, your physical alignment, or a restriction in a joint or muscle.

Compensating for these issues puts pressure on your body leaving you feeling tired, stressed and generally lacking vitality.

At Merstham Osteopathic Clinic we’ve spent over a decade helping the residents of Surrey, Sussex and Kent recover from injury, get out of pain and back into excellent health.

A healthy body is the most precious gift you will ever have. We can help you take good care of it.

*All private health plans covered, please ask for details. You may find your work or private health insurance will fund the cost of your treatment.